Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Airline Tickets Have Been Purchased!

[Originally posted 11/3/11]

       We’ve booked my flights. I officially leave  Friday, February 10th at 12:05 PM from BNA (That’s Nashville, for those of you who aren’t form the area or don’t fly often.) I will fly in to Newark, NJ. I will have a three hour layover, and then jump on a Boeing 744 to Frankfurt Germany. From Frankfurt I will have a one hour flight over to Linz.
       This puts me arriving before noon Saturday morning in Linz. I cannot actually check into the dorm where I will be living until Sunday. I have planned on arriving a day early so that I can sleep off my jet lag, & I will just stay at a hotel Saturday night. I suspect that Sunday will just consist of checking in with the student director at JKU and getting moved in to where I will be living.  Then on Monday morning I will begin orientation, German classes, and whatever else they have prepared for all of the other students.
    I finish my semester on June 30th, but I will not be back until July 16th. I plan on using those two weeks to travel around to the places I couldn’t get to with weekend trips. Lucky for me I have 6 months to plan that out because right now I have no clue where I want to be. I do think its a shame that I will be missing the Olympics in London though, especially since I would already be so close (at least in comparison to being here in the states.) That occurs July 27th- August 12th.
Anyways, I suppose that is all of the updating I have to do for now. So in the mean time, Auf Wiedersehen!!

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