Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Final School Application Has Been Sent!

       Those of you that have been following this know that I have completed what seems like endless amounts of paperwork for this trip.  I sent my first piece of international mail the monday before Thanksgiving, and that happened to be a rather important piece of paperwork.That piece of mail was my official application to JKU, where I listed housing preferences, future possible courses, and contact information. The 3 sheets of paper that make up the application I sent in are absolutely key, because they give the school all of the information they need to get me my official acceptance letter.
       While this trip is 98% going to happen, I need that official letter to apply for my visa. Once I get my visa, the trip is officially, for sure, 100% going to occur. I have been told that should come in the mail in mid-December. This means that at the turn of the year, almost all details surround my trip will have been determined. As a stressed out girl who is currently frazzled by finals, this makes me so excited!
       I will be sure to let everyone know when that letter comes in, and then when I officially get my visa, but until now I will just breathe easy at the though that it is almost all taken care of.
Sending up prayers that it all comes through.
67 Days Left,

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