Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Visa is in!

     To those of you who have been following my blog on tumblr, I hope you made this transition easily. I've decided that blogger/blogspot is a much more appropriate site for a text blog. To those of you who just discovered this blog, welcome! I hope I'm not too boring.

      My trip is only 19 days away, and I am getting to the point where I am kind of nervous. My Visa came in, and that is essentially the last thing that needed to be done other than actually hop on a plane and get over there. I have to get my classes approved for academic credit, but I cannot truly do that until I get to sign up for my classes. The issue is that I cannot sign up for classes until I am completing orientation at JKU. So it looks like for now all I can really do is make a packing list and try and have my course descriptions available for approval.

      Right now I am fortunate enough to be in Chattanooga visiting friends. I was in Knoxville Friday and Saturday as well, and I am so glad I get to see some of my friends and Family before I head out. It is crazy to think that in 18 days I will be all packed up, going to bed for the last time in a long time at home. I'll miss all of that.

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