Thursday, February 16, 2012

Greetings from Austria!

Hallo meine freunde!
    I am sorry it has taken me so long to update you all on my arrival. Unfortunately, my computer decided to be  smart and change all of the hyper links to German on a large number of my pages. Therefore it has taken me a while to make time to sit down and figure out which link does what. And now without further ado, my first  blog post from Österreich!
    Overall I had flawless travels, all of my flights left on time are arrived early. Other than the crying, screaming child two seats over from me and the woman with the constantly reclined seat immediately in front of me on the 8 hour flight across the ocean, I did not have anyone horribly obnoxious sitting near me. I did not get much sleep at all, and after 16 hours of travel I was pretty exhausted. I'm finally adjusted to the time difference (6 hours ahead of EST) I had no issues with customs at all, which is the one thing that I was the most worried about.
      Our orientation began Monday, and things have been pretty busy since then. I finally have the listing of classes that will be offered and all of their descriptions and meeting times. rather than meeting the same time multiple days of the week for the entire semester, each class only meets about 6 or 7 times the whole semester for a few hours each time. This means that some classes are completely done with by the middle of April, while others won't even start until May. It is not atypical for students here to take about 10 classes each semester. As you can imagine, this stresses me out big time. I am trying to map out the times of all the classes I can maybe get credit for back home, while making sure the meeting times don't overlap, while trying to make sure I have at least Fridays or Mondays off for some additional weekend travel. Hopefully I'll get my act together on that very soon. In the mean time, I have started my "survival German" class and am working on the basics.

     The party life here is alive all of the time. I have not even been here a full week and a team of students from the school and our mentoring program have taken us out to bars and clubs 3 times already. Yes you read that correctly, I've been here 5 days and I've been out 3 times. Those of you who are good friends with me know I don't go out much, so this is a lot for me. Did I mention there is a party today (and actually every Thursday) on campus that the school approves of and endorses, and another Brazilian Carnival themed one on Monday. And of course Friday and Saturday are party days. It will be a lot to get used to. I hope once the semester starts it will die down.
       This Saturday I get to go visit Steyr (shown above) and Schlierbach, then next week I get to go visit Mauthausen. I am really excited about both even though they are very different. On the first trip we should be touring a monastery and doing some cheese tasting among other things. The second is a concentration camp, so that should definitely be eye opening. So much history around here...
      I will probably have the next update sometime after my visit to Steyr and Schlierbach. Thanks so much for sticking through the entirety of this pretty lengthy post!

    Auf wiedersehen!


  1. All I can think is CHEES DEEP!... I think I spelled it differently from our waitress, but you get the point. Stay safe!

  2. What an excellent opportunity and adventure! Look forward to more posts.