Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Leave Tomorrow!

Time has gone by so incredibly  quickly! It is crazy to think that tomorrow I will be on an airplane, flying off to a different continent. Ive packed my bag, only to find it exceeds the weight limit. Later today I will have the joy of unpacking and repacking everything, as well as deciding on if I want to bring a second bag or not. As it turns out, it might actually be cheaper for me to check a second bag than it would be for me to pay the weight overage fee on my current bag. But that is something I'll tackle later.
I've called the bank and let them know not to freeze my cards when they're used in Europe, printed out every form of identification or insurance that was emailed to me that I thought I might need, and tried to take care of everything in the states that I can so it is not a bother to me while I am away. Some things will just have to wait until I get back (like the Drivers License that will expire while I am away), but overall I think I am about as ready to go as a can be.
I've found out that I will be living in a hotel room for the first few days because my room will not be ready. So it will actually be a few additional days before i'm truly settled in but I'm sure it will be fine. Also I can now announce my tentative spring  break plans... Paris, France - Marrakesh, Morocco - and Barcelona, Spain! Of course everyone will hear more about that as the first of April approaches.
I will write again in Europe!

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  1. Your plans for spring break sound LOVELY and if you would like company I would be glad to join you :) haha