Sunday, February 26, 2012

Schlierbach and Steyr

       Last Saturday (19.02.2012) a group of about 40 students from my program went to visit the towns of Schierbach and Steyr. Each are about 45 minutes from Linz, so it was a nice day trip. Schlierbach was absolutely gorgeous. There we visited a Monastery that had not only a breathtaking sanctuary and library (complete with nearly 20,000 books!!!), but also a cheese making factory and a stained glass gallery/factory. We had a beautiful view of the Northern Alps, and we got to to taste delicious award winning cheese. While everything else was great, my favorite part of Schlierbach was the sanctuary, hands down. It didn't even look real it was so ornate. Practically every room had beautiful paintings on the ceilings, and I just loved everything about Schierbach.

Steyr was also nice. It was a rather typical European looking type of town. It has a history of ridiculous flooding and some fires. They used to be the second richest town in Austria next to Vienna. It was a pretty town, but I was not wowed by it like I was by the Monastery in Schlierbach. I think the religious aspect of everything in Schierbach just made it more impressive and special to me. I still loved the town though.

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