Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nassfeld Ski Trip

Hey everyone!
In my typical late fashion here is a quick write-up about the trip I took to the Alps. I went to Nassfeld, a ski and snowboard resort right on the border of Austria and Italy. It was a 5 hour bus ride without stops, so I was pretty excited to actually hurry up and get there. This trip was not just with people from my school, but also with students from Vienna and Graz. The program I am here with is called ISEP, and we are grouped with another program called Erasmus. Erasmus is a larger program that has smaller programs branched off of it throughout Europe. This trip was arranged by ESN (Erasmus Student Network), which is why students from other campuses were there too. I mostly talked to some people from the Graz campus. Who knows, maybe I'll go visit them in the near future. Erasmus is notorious for parties, so of course we had a party both nights we were there. The first evening was fairy tale themed. The second night was green themed since it was actually on St. Patrick's Day.
 Due to my previous crappy experience with skiing, I decided to try snowboarding. Both days were actually pretty bad skiing/boarding conditions(slushy on day #1, SUPER foggy and windy on day #2), but I still had a great time. I spent a lot of time falling, and I came back with a decent number of bruises and aches. That being said, I came back with a greater sense of accomplishment. I learned how to snowboard in the Alps, I don't know too many other people who can say something like that. Pretty cool in my opinion. There isn't too much to talk about from this trip since I can't bring you up to date on history and all that stuff that I have been able to do with other places. Since I cant bore you with history I'll just give you all some pretty pictures to check out.

The other Alps didn't actually have snow on them..
(LtoR) Me, Barbara, Nina, Gunther [our instructor], Girl I Never Talked To,  and Andy
Barbara and Me
I tried to load a video of me busting it for your viewing enjoyment, but after 4 hours it still hadn't loaded. So I guess that is just something everyone will have to do without for a bit.

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