Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Innsbruck, Austria

Pardon my tardiness with this post. As usual, school has  kept me rather busy... apparently it is universal for May to be a really busy month for students everywhere, not just those taking finals. Enough with boring school things though, this is a travel blog after all (:

Dates of Trip: May 4-6
Traveling Companions: Ashley (USA), Patty (USA), & Miro(Croatia)
Means of Transportation: Train

The view on our hike up to the old Olympic ski jump

So there you have the basics, now for the details. We left early Friday morning so that we could arrive around lunch time and still have the whole afternoon and evening to explore the city. We met a lovely (I think Irish) lady who told us the proper bus lines to take to get us to our hostel. Our hostel was undergoing a face lift and we had to crawl under scaffolding to reach the door. It was a little bit ridiculous, but mostly we all just laughed every time we had to go in or out of the hostel because of how silly we all looked. We dropped off all of our bags and set off on foot to explore the city. We eventually roamed our way to an old Olympic ski jump (the Winter Olympics were held there in 1964 & 1976) from up near the jump there was an absolutely spectacular view of the city. We decided to call it a night and we walked back to the hostel, not before getting kebaps though. I do love kebaps....

Ashley (L) and Patty (R)

On Saturday our plan was to go to Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. For those of you who haven't heard of Neuschwanstein, it is also know as "Cinderella's Castle." It is the castle that Disney's Cinderellas Castle is modeled after. The woman who owned our hostel told us that there was a train that left early Saturday morning that would take us there. We left the hostel rather early so that we could catch a bus to the train station. Given my travel luck, it was only natural that we just barely missed our bus that only comes by 2 times an hour. Rather than waiting for the next bus, we decided just to walk to the train station. Bad idea. We got lost, and didn't arrive to the station until 5 minutes after the scheduled departure time. We figured that more than one train may go, since it was a Saturday during tourist season. We began asking around and apparently no such train exists. After a few hours of failure and disappointment we called it quits and took a nap.
The crew
 It was a little gross and drizzly, but we decided to take a tram up onto the mountains and grab some lunch. While we were purchasing our tickets I met a couple from Gallatin,Tennessee. The world really is a small place (: Up on top of the mountain was only okay at first; it was too rainy to really have a good view. Miraculously though, it cleared up a lot just in the short time we ate lunch. It was gorgeous afterwards! After we descended from the mountain we took a horse drawn carriage ride around the city. It was very touristy, but it was the first time I had ever done that so I loved it! We capped of the evening with dinner at the hostel and some wine. Although the day was nothing at all like we had planned I really enjoyed it.
Innsbruck, the city where you can see the Alps no matter where you are

Spinat Pide mit Salat

Still feeling the need to see a castle, we tried to find the small one that was in Innsbruck. That also was a fail. Everyone was grumpy and hungry so we just ate some lunch (I had a Spinach Pide, yum!) and headed to the train station. We accidentally jumped on the wrong train though. While it still went to Linz, it made an excessively large number of stops and it took us an additional 2 hours to get home.

The Girls (:
All in all it was a great trip. It rained on and off and we had some transportation issues. It was great getting to travel with people though. Most of my traveling has been solo or with just one person, I enjoyed having Ashley, Patty and Miro there with me; it was a nice change. Plus it was hard to beat the scenery. Beautiful mountains everywhere, it was just gorgeous.

Left to Right: Me, Patty, Miro, and Ashley

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