Sunday, June 17, 2012

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

Salzburg, Österreich

Date of Trip: May 27
Traveling Companions: Tara, Jovan, Emilia, Asha, Michael, Vito (Canada)
Nina, Dane, Mark (Australia)
Charlie (Spain), Daniel (Croatia)
Means of Transportation: Train
(L to R) Vito, Daniel, Me, Emilia, Tara, Mark, Nina, Jovan, Asha, Charlie, Michael, & Dane

Let me just say that Salzburg was absolutely beautiful. I think it may be my favorite Austrian city so far. It is difficult to say that though, as they are each so different and have their own unique aspects.I think it is definitely important to note that we had practically perfect weather. Seriously, it was incredible how nice it felt outside.

12 of us from 5 different countries went on this trip, and it made for a really enjoyable day. Three of the Canadians had a friend from Croatia (Daniel) who studied abroad at their University who happens to live in Salzburg now. We really lucked out because he was essentially our free tour guide for the day.We did not do too many things during the day, but it was a good time regardless. We visited the house where Mozart was born (Mozart's Geburtshaus), grabbed some lunch, and then headed towards the main attraction: the fortress.

Before we actually went to the fortress we had to make our way through this really big and well kept garden that just so happened to be featuring a full ensemble band (I will add that they played some Queen and we all sang along merrily). After a few photo ops in the garden we walked up to the hill to go tour the fortress.

Because we were a slightly large group, we of course got a bit split up. I spent a decent amount of time trying to find the others in our group and therfore I did not get to see all of the fortress. However, my favorite part was the view of the city from the top...absolutely gorgeous. The Salzach River looked so incredible running through the city, the slightly green color of it actually looked really nice next to the rooftops of many of the buildings.
After we spent most of our time in the Fortress, we left and got tasty Gelato that was (surprisingly) cheaper than the super cheap prices here in Linz. We were all very excited about the Gelato, and even happier about the fact that we got to eat it while we roamed through a market along the river. I absolutely adore markets, and this was no exception. A large number of vendors set up tents selling clothing, bath supplies, children's toys, teas and herbs, jewelry, chairs, and much more. I will mention that I picked up a few things for family back home (particularly Laura and my Mom... so you two better get excited!!) and refrained from buying out the whole place...barely.
The hills are alive?
We tried to find our way up to a church that we thought looked pretty, only to find that the gates to it were locked. All was not lost, though, as there was a playground immediately next to it! I did get a picture of me running through the hills (kind of)... after all, a trip to Salzburg would not be complete without some type of Sound of Music reference; I figured a picture was more acceptable than singing loudly in public all day. After a good hardy play on the play ground, we got a delicious meal of Subway (first time eating subway since last semester, oh my!) and headed home. We were all rather tired when we arrived home, but it was definitely a day well spent.

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